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The Pure Financial Consulting planning process begins by reviewing all of the FINANCIAL PRODUCTS in your portfolio. 

We obtain up to date valuations and establish attitude to risk, along with your long term financial objectives.

Establishing ‘attitude to risk’ is a ‘key factor’ in financial planning. Pure Financial Consulting use psychometric risk profiling techniques utilised by Skandia Investment Solutiuons in order to understand your personal risk tolerance.

With these key factors in the planning process established, the next step is to determine an appropriate ‘Asset Allocation’. The information is then placed into a portfolio investment model on our computer system.

This generates an asset allocation for our clients money, along with a coordinated investment strategy designed to meet your objectives and within your acceptable levels of risk.

Our new recommendations are incorporated into a report which is presented to the client for consideration. The report will make reference to some important factors:

  • The client's current situation, attitude to risk, investment objectives and timescales
  • The recommended asset allocation and how it has been calculated
  • Details of our fund selection process
  • Information concerning our charges